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Tributes to Black History Icons & Illustrious Figures

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Inspirational Poems and Artistic Illustrations

Commemorate a legacy with illustrious Black History icons and Poetic Tributes from Inspiration Unlimited. We offer a varied selection of inspirational poems and artistic products that will help you share in the moments of a great historic era. We take pride in offering new products that will inspire young minds to admire and emulate greatness. All of our work is displayed and sketched in classic black and white design. We offer retail and wholesale prices to accommodate your every need for personal, business, school fundraisers, church and promotional needs. Contact Us today to place an order.

Greeting Cards
Our greeting cards are richly adorned with a hand sketched image and commemorative poem of an illustrious figure in black history. The inside is left blank for your use on any occasion. The back gives a brief biographical sketch about the author. Each card comes with an envelope enclosed in a cellophane sleeve and measures 5x7.

Parchment Posters
Add some historic dimension to any room with one of our 11x17 parchment posters. Our quality classic parchment poster lends an air of authenticity to each historical icon. Ready for your personal framing for use in home, office or your creative choice. Available natural or laminated.

Bookmarks are a perennial reminder of the sacrifice and contributions of each icon. Each has a commemorative poem and sketch on the front and gives a chronological account of the milestones of their respective careers on the reverse side, , which measures 21/2x8 in size. It comes packaged in a cellophane sleeve with embossed medallion label.

We offer a selection of magnets with sketches of our subjects and poems highlighting their accomplishments, which measures 2 1/2 inches in size. These can be placed on a computer, refrigerator or wherever accommodating to be a visual reminder. Packaged in a cellophane sleeve and sure to last many years.

Express yourself everywhere you go with our custom T-Shirts. These shirts include a variety of black historical icons in classic black and white design. The front displays a beautiful life-like sketch of each subject, while the back is enhanced with a commemorative poem as well as the sketch. Adult sizes range from Medium to 2XL while youth sizes range from small to large. Currently, our shirts are Hanes 100% pre-shrunk cotton. For best results in caring for products we strongly recommend washing either separately or with like colors with no bleach. Remove after partial or light spin and hang or lay flat to dry. This will truly extend the life of your T-shirt for years to come.



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